IntelliTurf uses natural grain sand infill, not the crumb rubber product that has caused so much controversy in our industry. We satisfy fall height ratings with padding under the turf.
Our padding for playgrounds is regularly tested and passes standards set by the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA).
Eventually gravity wins and all synthetic grass crushes over in high traffic areas. Utilizing the latest technology in yarn shapes, IntelliTurf fibers fight high traffic and gravity better than any other synthetic grass yarn.
By altering the color and manipulating the polymers in the yarn, our synthetic grass can deliver up to 17 degrees cooler surface than traditional synthetic grass.
For your play areas you do have options in the color, weight of the turf from 40 to 80 ounces as well as the yarn shapes that mimic different natural grass shapes.
Don’t let your contractor or landscape company install synthetic grass playgrounds without the help of experienced installation crews. From preparation, to proper drainage, to securing the edges, to proper cleanup, it is necessary to have a process and system in place to ensure playground installations are perfect.
Playground Padding ProtectionIntelliTurf Padding system exceeds standards set by the playground manufacturers association guidelines.  Closed cell recycled foam is bonded together to create a padding system that is hidden underneath the synthetic grass.
playground edgingSecuring the edges of any playground system is a requirement.  IntelliTurf utilizes paver edge technology as well as pressure treated lumber to ensure the edges of our synthetic grass is not going to move.
playgroundinstallationTrained and Professional – All IntelliTurf Playground Systems are installed by fully trained members of our team who take pride in their work to make your installation the best choice possible.