Commercial properties all across the country can save on the bottom line while improving the look and image of their businesses. Reduction of maintenance, emissions and water usage by installing artificial turf can save many companies thousands of dollars per year.

High traffic areas along entrances and exits and break areas all can use artificial turf that will stand up to the traffic while improving the look of your property. Play areas for children are a common source of concern and require constant maintenance to look their best.

IntelliTurf has the high traffic maintenance saving solutions your properties need. Happier tenants and improved standing in the community could mean higher rents or more revenue.

Promoting a “Green” consciousness in your company and community will also help to show you care while you help salvage our most precious natural resource, water.

IntelliTurf has been in business for over a decade and can help your commercial properties with a variety of artificial turf solutions. Parking areas, entrance ways, high traffic areas, and interior courtyards are just a few places we can improve your commercial properties.