IntelliTurf has roots dating back to the late 1990’s, we have installed projects in Europe, the Caribbean and all across the USA. You would be hard pressed to find a more experienced and successful synthetic grass company.
All synthetic grass looks great for 6 months, what is it going to look like 6-7 years from now? 3 dimensional shapes help fight gravity, reduce reflection of light for a more natural look which also reduces heat and provide varying widths of blades.
Unlike many other contractors, IntelliTurf assigns one crew per project, we show up on time, install your project in just a few days with good weather, clean up, and walk the installation with the property owner to discuss the nuances of the project while answering and questions or concerns.
Many turf companies claim to have recyclable products but the only way recycling really occurs at the end of the lifecycle is when the product is 100% 1-step recyclable. The non-woven fabric backing on IntelliTurf lawn, playground and golf green products allow for 1-step economically feasible recycling of the poly-olefin fabric. Garbage cans, plastic bottles, the insides of baby’s diapers and hundreds of other products are produced from recycled poly-olefin.

How we help your Property…


Synthetic Grass installations improve the lifestyle of the residents. From senior housing to schools, to backyards, no matter where you find an IntelliTurf installation, our products enhance your lifestyle.

Play Areas

Sports fields to playgrounds, croquet courts to golf greens, Play Areas made from synthetic grass are great for all ages and all properties.

Pet Friendly

With options like drainage tiles and odor reducing infill, IntelliTurf lawns and pet products provide the perfect place for your dog to roam free. High traffic areas where pets and children play do not have to be a mud pit or maintenance nightmares. IntelliTurf synthetic grass can stand up to the abuse, keeping your pet clean and happy.

ADA Compliant

Our surfaces are great for senior housing, school and churches where ADA compliant surfaces are mandatory. Beautiful green grass made from synthetic turf that you can easily roll a wheelchair over will provide a wonderful experience for these special residents and visitors.

How we help your Company…

Attract Clients

Competition for new residents can be difficult in many markets around the USA. Separating yourself from the pack with new synthetic grass amenities is a great way to reduce maintenance while improving your position in the marketplace.

Save Water = Save Money

Synthetic grass installations can greatly reduce water consumption which is good for the environment and great for your budget.

100% Recyclable Synthetic Grass

Enhance your company’s sustainability initiatives by choosing the synthetic grass that is 100% 1-Step Recyclable.

We can help no matter your location

For almost 2 decades now IntelliTurf and its predecessors have worked with people and businesses in many parts of the world. From products to service to installation, please let us know where we are needed and we will find your best solution.

We service the entire country through these locations…

Recent Projects from around the USA…